Jesse Fleming

If art is performed or created while in a flow state, meaning a channeling rather than a possession, it may have the potential to evoke a flow state in the audience. Uniquely suited to that end, transcendent work has historically been made and perceived not because the author was present in the process of creation, but because he or she was absent.

“The works of previous artists have come from their own experiences or insights, but haven’t given the experience itself... Our interest is in a form where you realize that the media is just perception” James Turrell, Art and Technology, 1969

The content of this project is a simple call and response activity in which two participants attempt to attune through randomly listing colors or numbers. The exercise creates a mysteriously observable connection between the partners. We as observers can palpably sense when the partners are successfully attuning. This is important to note – that we as observers become participants. Through the nature of authenticating the work as scripted or actual, we too have utilized our capacity to empathetically connect. Thus in a reflective manner,a self and other loose their boundaries: 2 become 1, 1 become 2, subject/object loose form.